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Dr. Rotman offers diagnosis and advanced treatment options for women's health issues. Dr. Rotman commonly diagnoses issues such as fibroids, and performs award-winning procedures such as laparoscopic tubal reversal and laparoscopic myomectomy for large, complex, and multiple fibroids as an alternative to hysterectomy. Patients come from around the world for outstanding care from Dr. Rotman.

Fibroids Q & A

What Are Fibroids and What Causes Them?

Generally non-cancerous, fibroids are tumors that grow in the tissues of the uterus. They are also known as myomas, leiomyomas, and fibromas. By the age of 50, more than half of all women will have developed fibroids at some point in their lives. The causes are not all fully understood, and not all fibroids require treatment. Only a consultation with a qualified expert in fibroids, like Dr. Rotman, can help patients know for certain.

Are Fibroids a Risk to Pregnancy?

Yes. Fibroids may prevent the egg from adhering to the uterus. Fibroids may also cause the placenta to only partially embed. Those two situations increase the risk of miscarriage. Other risks include preterm labor, placenta abruption, and the potential for blockage of the birth canal, which could cause problems during labor. However, having a fibroid does not necessarily mean that your pregnancy is at risk. The best way to tell is to have an evaluation by a qualified gynecologic surgeon with special training and extensive experience in treating uterine fibroids.

What Should I Do if I Suspect I Have Fibroids?

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in determining whether or not fibroids are present. After a careful examination of the number, size, and location of the fibroids, your gynecologist will recommend the proper management. Laparoscopic procedures can help remove fibroids, but ideally, they should be performed by surgeons with extensive training and experience in the field. Dr. Rotman is a pioneer in minimally invasive operative laparoscopic procedures that treat fibroids and has won national and international recognition for his work.

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