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Dr. Carlos Rotman is a pioneer in advanced laparoscopic surgery in Oak Brook, Illinois. He offers a host of cutting-edge procedures including fertility services such as tubal reversal and tubal reconstruction procedures, as well as general fertility evaluation and treatment.

Fertility Q & A

Why Choose Dr. Rotman for Fertility Treatment and Services?

People come from around the world to see Dr. Rotman because he is a true pioneer and expert in cutting-edge fertility treatment options, including laparoscopic surgery. The benefits of seeking treatment for certain fertility issues with Dr. Rotman include his expertise in laparoscopic surgery and his knowledge and experience. Laparoscopic surgery offers many benefits over traditional open surgery, including less post-surgical pain, faster recovery and healing time, greater likelihood of outpatient procedures, and fewer hospitalizations. With the advancements offered by Dr. Rotman, women and families can access excellent care from a world-class team of medical professionals.

What Kind of Fertility Services Does Dr. Rotman Offer?

Dr. Rotman offers procedures that help women reverse sterilization, as well as procedures to restore fertility to women who suffer from problems such as tubal occlusion (tubal blockage). Other laparoscopic procedures, such as minimally-invasive removal of fibroids, removal of ovarian cysts, and treatment for endometriosis, help improve the chance of pregnancy. Laparoscopic tubal reanastomosis, which is the reversal of tubal ligation, is a standout example of a fertility service that Dr. Rotman can provide. He has authored a large library of academically published works on laparoscopic tubal reversal. Dr. Rotman is a leading pioneer in improving the use of laparoscopy through the development of new techniques and tools. He has benefited women's health immensely. Dr. Rotman attracts patients from around the world because of the advanced knowledge base that the institute offers. He is a world-renowned expert in the safe and effective reversal of tubal ligation and tubal reconstruction.

Can Dr. Rotman Help When Tubal Blockages Are Caused by Natural Means?

Absolutely. Dr. Rotman offers new techniques that help to overcome tubal fertility issues, even when the cause is natural. Laparoscopic neo salpingostomy/fimbrioplasty is a possible solution to tubal factor infertility because it offers good results. If you are having difficulty conceiving and want an expert to determine if the issue is physical, Dr. Rotman will provide a thorough examination and the surgical expertise to repair and restore your fallopian tubes.

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We accept most major insurance plans. Here is a list of some of the insurance plans we accept. Please check with the office for additional insurance plans accepted by Dr. Rotman.

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